Surrey University by Scott Brownrigg

Scott Brownrigg have recently decided to proceed with a photographic collaboration of their latest building. The first exciting project on their list to explore is the University of Surrey Student Residence and Reception Building. They were very keen to document the building in use during the summer months while the open plan elements are maximised.

Scottbrownrigg commented on the building:

”Responding to its location and context, this distinctive modern landmark incorporates a dynamic curved sweep of rippled zinc cladding which wraps around the feature stair and links to the angled canopy beyond”.

The new project sits nestled in the leafy campus grounds, thriving with international energy, we rarely met an British student! The building is an exciting amalgamation of styles, blending traditional brickwork (to maintain campus design integration and cost efficiency) with contemporary zinc cladding. Student diggs have come a long way since we were at University! We especially enjoyed the playful graphics on the wall and the fact that on-suite sinks have been reinforced to withstand the weight of a young amorous lady!


Surrey Uni


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