Marineholmen, Bergen, Norway by GC Rieber

A new development at Marineholmen, opened in Bergen this summer and we have been onsite to investigate. On a sunny day there’s no better place to study or work, that is if you can drag yourself away from the fjord views and exciting interactive landscape designed by Smedsvig Landskapsarkitekter AS.

Encompassing the BI Business University, a range of innovative businesses with particular specialism in the fields of marine biology, biotechnology, climate and environmental research, ICT and petroleum have arrived. It was the young Fridtjof Nansen (of Polar Expedition fame) who decided Norway needed a biological research station in the late 1800’s. This idea has developed into a centre of excellence.

The project involves a range of eclectic designers including Architects: Bjerk & Bjørge, Interior Architects: Soldesign, Consultants: Sweco & Multiconsult


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