Steinboligen, Finse, Norway by Alliance Arkitekter and Snøhetta

While it’s grey and depressing outside it’s a good time to go through the archive and pick out some exciting projects that never quite got the attention they deserved.

Steinboligen located in the mountains of Finse, Norway, sits directly next to the railway which peaks at 1222m above sea level. It is an unusual place to find a contemporary architectural structure. @HundvenClements have been here more than once before and nearly won an award for our efforts with a picture of Hardanger Jøkulen Hut in the Photography Masters Cup.

The building was designed by Alliance Arkitekter with Snøhetta collaborating on a range of the interior details. A fascinating renovation of an existing stone building. Originally it was a semi-detached railway guards cottage designed by architect Paul Armin Due, but over 60 years, it was partially damaged by fire, an imposing stone wall remained. In 2007 the building was taken over completely by the couple Randi Punsvik and Trygve K. Norman and Peter Hagelund who saw the opportunity to realize their dreams…here are the results.

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