Quality Hotel Waterfront Aalesund, Norway

It’s not everyday you get to head up to a new funky hotel in the remoter regions of Norway. The Bergen division of Link Arkitektur AS have designed a new exciting space to relax after a day exploring the Fjords.  Whilst the hotel is part of the Nordic Choice Hotels group it has a very individualistic atmosphere largely created by some unusual colorful artwork exhibited throughout the hotel space.

A bold use of reds, yellows and oranges provides warmth to a part of the world that is not exactly renowned for it’s sunshine! We arrived under a blanket of grey cloud just before it started raining. Luckily the interior space was our primary focus for this shoot with just an overview for reference of the exterior on the shoot list. An adjoining office block is currently under construction designed in the same visual language to provided an intergrated aesthetic to this exciting city development. Hopefully we will be back to document the innercity dock renovation when it is fully completed.



Here’s a few examples of Link Arkitektur’s usage of our images on their website:


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