Verkehrskanzel traffic relic at Kurfürstendamm’s U-Bahn station, Berlin.

Having spent the last week shooting in Berlin it’s time for some editing today. Here’s a little taster of one of the more unusual location’s to wet the appetite.

It was predicted with the introduction of new traffic-light systems in the 1950’s, levels of peak-time congestion would reach unmanageable proportions in Berlin. To help solve the anticipated problem, a traffic control booth was constructed in 1955 above the revamped entrance to Kurfürstendamm’s U-Bahn station. This Verkehrskanzel was last used in 1962, and remains as a curious, scarcely noticed reminder of a future-proofing precaution that never came to pass.

Verkehrskanzel, Berlin, Germany.

Verkehrskanzel, Berlin, Germany.

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