Baby Days by Bingham Bairn

Hundven-Clements Photography have had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Baby Days book by Bingham Bairn. The author is Rachel Meddowes and the lovely illustrations are created by Toby Morison. It is a sentimental keepsake for the very start of a new little persons journey, made to last as a complete record of their first few years. It was a joy to collaborate with Rachel Meddowes on the photography for this lovely set consisting of the actual book itself complete with little envelopes for samples, all wrapped up nicely in a special box for safe keeping.
The actual holding shots were recorded in the grand and historical Gosford House in East Lothian, Scotland. An amazing marble staircase formed the backdrop for quite a few of our shots. Thanks to Lulu and Bing, our brilliant models we managed to capture the spirit that we were looking for!
05_IMG_7645 2__Hundven-Clements_Photography_HUNDVEN-CLEMENTS_PHOTOGRAPHY
06_IMG_7672 2__Hundven-Clements_Photography_HUNDVEN-CLEMENTS_PHOTOGRAPHY
07_IMG_7689 2__Hundven-Clements_Photography_HUNDVEN-CLEMENTS_PHOTOGRAPHY
08_IMG_7701 2__Hundven-Clements_Photography_HUNDVEN-CLEMENTS_PHOTOGRAPHY
09_IMG_7713 2__Hundven-Clements_Photography_HUNDVEN-CLEMENTS_PHOTOGRAPHY
10_IMG_7741 2__Hundven-Clements_Photography_HUNDVEN-CLEMENTS_PHOTOGRAPHY
11_IMG_7884 2__Hundven-Clements_Photography_HUNDVEN-CLEMENTS_PHOTOGRAPHY
12_IMG_7930 2__Hundven-Clements_Photography_HUNDVEN-CLEMENTS_PHOTOGRAPHY

One thought on “Baby Days by Bingham Bairn

  1. Hey Dan!! is she you daughter??!! no impossible no time enough!!
    Anyway we are planning a trip this summer so you’ll hear news about us! how things going man?! how is Birthe? I hope everything’s good, you two deserve it! here in Spain getting better little by little…

    See you soon!!!

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